020. I Live!

Yeah, I haven't exactly been keeping up with the blog-o-sphere, if anyone had noticed. ;)
I'm still around, just haven't had much to talk about in the matters of blogging. I did make a roadtrip or two, one taken to Oklahoma, another to Canada, and the final one was to Missouri.
Definitely an experience, since I navigated to Missouri. I had never been to Oklahoma, so that was another experience. And upon arriving in Canada, I found out I had contracted broncitis.
June was definitely a crazy month. I, unfortunately, didn't get to take many pictures since my digital camera has mysteriously disappeared. Anywho! I'll hopefully be finding something to write about soon and to indulge you all in, but for now, I hope everyone's having a fantastic summer!

Oh! Idea! Maybe I'll post my book list ;) There's an idea.. We'll have to see, right?