018. So indecisive.

After reading Bud's comment to my last post, I feel suddenly re-inspired to continue blogging over my summer holidays. As it is, I'll be going to Missouri in June, and Florida in July which will definitely prove to be learning experiences on a personal level, and hopefully other levels as well. I want to keep a track of it, and hopefully this can be the place for me to do it. Actually, I'm hoping for this to become a place that I can do many things.

>> Helping Bud with his plans for a future class at our school; Journalism.
>> Possibilities for the class, both on and offline.
>> This is a good spot for ideas on it, since Bud can not just read it but comment on it, too. (Beware of possible ramblings!)

>> I want to start a blogging habit. I have a journaling one already, and that's updating three times a week (doesn't always happen, but I aim for it), so I'd like to include Blogging in that habit.
>> Not sure what kind of habit, but I know it takes 21 days to create one, so here's hoping.

>> I love photography, actually I'm taking a photography class at school next year, and I'd like somewhere to show off anything I do.
>> I'm either going to do that with this blog, or make a blog off this username, since there's ElletheStudent, and EllesPortfolio, so maybe EllesPhotos or something along those lines will appear. Who knows. I might just make a blog dedicated to school oritened material and leave this one open as a blog about blogging ;)

It's still all up in the air, though. I definitely want to continue blogging though, even if only for the Journalism class :)


At 7:12 AM MDT, Blogger Nancy McKeand said...

I'm glad Bud talked you into continuing with your blog. I look forward to reading it over the summer.

At 11:52 PM MDT, Blogger Bud said...


Those are all good ideas. Share your photos here, though -- I think that'd be pretty cool. And, at what point does having too many blogs become a problem? Also -- check budtheteacher.com -- I've got a bit of summer homework for you.


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