016. Grade 'A' Blogs!

Yeah, weird title; I plead temporary insanity because I've been away from the blogosphere, and immersed in journaling. Anyway!
Bud recently
asked us what deserves an 'A' in the blog-o-sphere, and after some heavy consideration, I think I've found what qualifies as a dignified answer.
Going against what Tyr
classifed as 'Grade A Blogging' when he stated;

I think that the Blogs should not be graded on frequency of posts, not on the subject matter of posts, but what lies within the posts.
Frequency is actually a really big thing (subject matter, too). The actual substance of a post could be absolutely awesome, but have no relevence to anything that we're learning.
Someone could only post once a month with fabulous posts, and that deserves an 'A'? When another student updates weekly with posts that are shorter (but still well written) and they're sitting with a 'B' or 'C'? I don't think that's right.
Blogs should be graded on all three; frequency, subject matter, and content.
For example; when writing a newspaper article (as I often have for the class we have at the school), you need the entire package of Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How?
Blogging has the same kind of essentials; Frequency, Subject, and Content. Kinda like the whole a+b+c = d, well Frequency+Subject+Content = Good Blogging.
But that doesn't cover everything that we have done this quarter. We also have to look at the fact that we went outside of blogs, looking at
Wiki's, journaling vs. blogging, Bloglines, Furl, and I think that's it. Wait! No! It's not it, we also did Portfolio's (eFolio's, if you may). So hey, let's break it down.

Our Blogs


The amount that you post! You should be posting often. Once a month is not enough! I think that we should be posting twice a week with something. Once in our blog, the second one in our eFolio's. That's the standard, I think. Well, if we don't do that, we should post in our blog one week, then in our eFolio the next; at least then we don't have to be posting a whole freakin' lot, because I know that not everyone has something that they want to be writing about all the time, or maybe they don't always have a piece of work to be putting in their eFolio.


Subject of writing! HELLO!? If we don't care about what we're talking about, why the heck are we writing!? Our subjects should really have a meaning. I think that we should write about something at least remotely intelligent. No one wants to read about what you ate for lunch or how long it took; unless of course it's some sort of science experiment. [In which case, I want some pictures! ;)].


Content, content, content. Content matters!!! People want to know what you think, they don't just want you to say 'fact, fact, fact, link'. They want 'fact, opinion, fact and link, opinion'. Because really, if they want pure facts and nothing else, they can go to an encyclopedia or read the newspaper. People want to know what you're saying and why you're saying it, what you're thinking, and why you think it. They're curious because you're curious! And if they aren't curious about it, make sure that in your content, you make them curious about it!


Well, this was the point of this class in the first place. Woo.
Alright, eFolio's. We should be graded on not how many posts we put really. It should be what we put. As in, what items we decide best fit into the eFolio, and then how many reflections we put, and how long/short the reflection is, and the content of it.
Me, I'd fail that part since I don't much like writing reflections since.. I just don't. You can look at a
previous post of mine to read on why I don't much care for it.

Outside Resources

Wiki's, Bloglines, Furl, etc.

We should get extra points, just because all of us know how to subscribe on blogger, edit and create a Wiki, Furl a page we're interested in, and more. That's something most of us didn't know about before, that's really added on to our blogging experience as a class.


For me, this class has made a big difference. I used to think I was blogging, and really I was just journaling on LiveJournal and Xanga to pass the time. It was a place for me to express things that I couldn't normally express. Now, I can proudly say I am both a blogger and a journal-er. It's pretty cool.
On a 'journaling' note, I really want to explain why this makes me so excited ;)
My mom has a journal, and yet she says it's a blog, and that she is reading other blogs. I get excited because when I sit down with her, it's cool to be able to say 'well actually, you're journaling, blogging is -thisthisthis-, while journaling is -thatthatthat-.' I take a sense of pride in myself in being able to explain to someone why or why not a blog is a blog, or what they think is a blog is a journal. Now, back to your regularly scheduled program ;)

Alright, with that done... yay. This class rocked. I'm really sad that it's almost over. I plan on continuing to write in this blog over my summer vacation, but hey. It's the point that I'm in the class where I can be nerdy in my own way ;)


At 1:00 PM MDT, Blogger Mr. Kuropatwa said...

Hi Elle,

I've been reading your work here off and on since you folks got "outted." ;-) I just wanted to share some thoughts with you on this latest post in particular.

I know you've discussed in your class the issues related to safety and annonymity for student bloggers. One of the issues that I'm sure you've discussed is your future. When you attach your real name to public (internet) work it remains in the public domain for the rest of your life. Prospective employers aware of this are likely to "Google" your name, read what's out there and let that information influence their decisions about you.

A young person's views are likely to change over time. They may hold views or express sentiments that as an adult they no longer believe. What you write on the internet may impact you in ways that you never thought of 10 years later. I just wanted to let you know, that if any future employer ever "Googles" you and doesn't find this post, you should let them know about it. From where you are now, I can only imagine you growing from an excellent young lady into an excellent adult woman.

I learned something from you in reading this post. Thank you. Keep up the good work and keep blogging.

PS I found my way to this post by following a link from the comments you left Anne. Very decent of you.

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