005. What would happen?

You know, I'm really curious about something. I was wondering what would happen beyond my school. I currently attend a very small school in Colorado, currently one hundred students or so, making it very small classes and a tight community. Which, I think makes this blogging experiment very probable. I find that the people I attend school with are mature on a much higher level than a regular high school. Maybe this would be easier if I further explained my school.

I currently attend an alternative school that kids go to when they feel they don't really fit in at regular high schools. We have people from ages thirteen to nineteen, with a wide variety of backgrounds. We're a tight knit community with people that definitely are beyond their years in many ways (not all of us, but the majority). My school is definitely not like a regular high school.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand.

I really, really want to know where this experiment would go beyond the walls of my school. Say we took it to a regular, public high school that has about 1,000 students, rather than 100.
  • What would happen with the different maturity level that is compared between a high school, and my alternative school?
  • Would the trust be the same?
  • Would the same opportunities be available?
  • Would we be allowed to do the same thing?
  • If I wasn't attending this school, and taking part in this experiment at a different school, what sort of rules would be put down on this, compared to the rules that are being created here?
  • Would the curriculum be different? Why? Why not?
  • Would the teacher treat it differently than Bud? Would the kids have the same passion as we do?

I'm so freakin' curious about this, y'know? And now I'm aware that people are out there listening/reading what I actually have to say. This class definitely makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger than just a classroom.



At 3:30 PM MDT, Blogger Moe The Student said...

That was an amazing post. Impressive, very. It really does stir up some curiousity. Thank you, that was way cool.

Me is Moe without the O

At 11:28 AM MDT, Blogger Tom Hoffman said...

Hi Elle,

You've hit on a central question in high school design for, oh, just about as long as there have been high schools.

My parents, for example, grew up in the country, and they went to small schools in their local town, but in the 60's and 70's, the idea was that big schools were better, because they could offer a wider variety of programs. It was generally regarded as a cheaper solution. Also, if you dig into the history I bet desegregation contributed to building larger schools in some cases (one big mixed school replacing two segregated ones), but that's a guess. There also was a general belief that big, modern and efficient was better, like a smooth running factory.

Anyhow, now most people who study this stuff think that small schools are better, because kids get lost in big schools, and personal relationships are more important than some abstract ideal of efficiency.

Size does matter, because the number of people in the school impacts the kinds of relationships you form. A lot of different people think that 150 is the maximum number of people that can function as a unified group. One way of looking at it is that in a group of 150, everyone is likely to be at least a friend of a friend of everyone else in the group. You can actually work that out mathematically. Many people think that schools of around 300 - 350 with the students divided into teams of 60 - 80 is optimal. There are lots of variations.

But no, you can't do the same things in a school (or other groupings of humans) of 1000 that you can in 100. Unfortunately, we're mostly stuck with these big buildings, and people try to make "schools within the school" to break up the groups into a managable size, but it doesn't work nearly as well as giving each school its own building.

We really should just blow up the big schools and build little ones, but apparently we have other priorities for our explosives.

At 8:28 PM MDT, Blogger mrsizer said...

Elle, first a comment on the "beyond your school" curiousity.

The links that brought me here, closest to you first:
"I Feel Like I'm Part of Something" at Weblogg-ed.
Introducing at Bud The Teacher, which I got to from the "Main" link after checking up on a comment I posted to What Would Students Say.
I got there from my Trackforward post from entries in the 10th Carnival of Education.
I check that because I liked the First Carnival of Education, which I stumbled across via Instapundit

The blogsphere is a very interconnected place. Welcome to it.

At 8:33 PM MDT, Blogger mrsizer said...

Comment number two: Size does matter. I also attended a very small high school. I think blogs would have been very well received there - had such things existed.

I'm having my 20th reunion this summer, so I'll ask what's going on now.

I went from a high school of about 400 people (94 in my graduating class) to a college of 45,000. It sounded good, but it was a disaster. Keep that in mind when/if you look at colleges. If you can handle taking classes, such as introductory calculus, with 200 of your closest friends, don't worry about it. If you like personal attention in difficult subjects, keep it in mind.

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