003. Yes, yes I am a blogger.

1. Why do you use blogs? What do you currently use blogs for outside of school (if you do)?

I suppose I use blogs mostly for my own system of 'venting'. I find it easier to write my emotions out rather than talking them out. Writing is a better form of expression for me, whether it's in happiness, sadness, or anger.
I currently use
Xanga for my personal blog so that I can vent about problems that I have. I also use LiveJournal for the groups, since with some I get help on homework or assignments, and have feedback given to me on my writing.
I use blogs for a number of reasons, but the biggest is emotional expression.

2. What are some reasons why you think blogs might be useful at our school?

I think that blogs would be useful for our school because it would be a better way for us to showcase the work that we are proud of, and get feedback on it from not just teachers but other students, too. I also think blogs would be good for the school since prospective secondary school institutions could look at the blog and see what the work is like that we do, so it's almost like an online portfolio and resume for us to use.

3. What are some potential problems that you see with blogging at school?

Mostly privacy and censorship issues. Deciding on what language is suitable or not, what subjects we may or may not write about. Plus the fact of usage of people's names, or the name of facilities, it makes it hard to put the line between okay, and not okay.

4. Should student blogs be made public for the world to see, or just our school community?

At first it should be just the school community to see how it runs and if it's a good idea to have it be a public thing, then, if feedback is god, I think it would be a good idea to have it be public to anyone that wants to see. But, if we do that, there's a lot of privacy and confidentiality issues involved in it, that we wouldn't have to deal with on a community-only-basis.

5. What are some rules that bloggers at our school should follow?

A think a definite rule is that we can not disclose our direct location, maybe say what state or county we are located in, but nothing other than that. I also think that we should not link to personal blogs if we have them, to keep our private and social lives away from that of our academic.