002. Another Day

Nothing interesting is really happening today. Film Seminar was kinda cool, I suppose. The class found that we don't have to use the specified essay format that the instructors set out before us, which is pretty good since I don't much like using divided-essays with headers.

This is the second Film Seminar this year, and this time around we're doing documentaries, so this weeks film was Super Size Me. I must say, it’s pretty interesting and gives some in depth ideas to what does on, not just that but it goes deeper than just Miccy D’s and the corporate things that go on.

I definitely enjoy the Film Seminar class, but this blogging one is pretty fun.

I’m learning more and more with this class every day on how I need to be changing and worrying about how and what I write. More often than not, everything is fair game, and I can write about almost anything I like. But it’s also having to worry about privacy and who/what I can mention in a way of names and titles.

Hopefully some time soon, I'll have something more interesting to write, with a lot more things to mention. As for this class; we're mostly exploring our options and seeing what we can and can't do.

I suppose, the best way to phrase this class is saying we're virtual blogging pioneers.


001. The Excursion

Hey hey.
Alright , well this is my first post to blogger, ever. It's actually for an experimental class in a school that has to remain nameless.
So yeah. :) Enjoy!