022. Just A Random Update

So far, I have been staring at this page for a grand total of eighteen minutes, trying to figure out what I should be saying. It is almost a year later from when I last posted, and yet I can't find anything meaningful or worth while to say. I mean, a year? One would think there would be many things to blog about, yet I can not think of anything.

I'm wondering if I should blame it on the writer's block I have been experiencing. Hm, there's something.

Some of you will remember last year when I blogged about National Novel Writing Month. I participated in November, and I "won". I wrote a novel consisting of 50,849 words, complete with teenaged angst and all. It will definitely never make it past the depths of my laptop, since it's my worst piece of writing, but at the same time, I wrote a novel.

Many others finished novels as well. A total of 9,768 recorded authors finished their novels last year, and I'm sure even more will complete them this coming November.

This year, I'll direct you to a new link provided on the website. NaNoWriMo (as it is called by participators), now has a blog! You can find it here.

Anyway; I suppose I'll leave this post off with a quote. I think that Thomas Mann said it best:

"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."


021. I Live... Still!

(All links for resources will be posted at the end of the entry)

Alright, so I have not updated in... a very, very long time. And I'm doubtful that anyone will really see this post! But who knows. I hope someone will, because I'm really, really, really excited about it!

Okay, so someone has to be wondering what on Earth I'm doing updating this blog at eleven o'clock at night (I've been stranger and updated at 1am). Anyway! On with the post!

So, I'm not sure who has heard of this, but there is a National Novel Writing Month. Which is tomorrow -- November 1st. So, the insanity begins tonight at midnight!

NaNoWriMo, is what it's called for short, is a group of people all over the world writing 50,000 in 30 days! That's an average or 1,667 words per day! If you're awake for 8 hours, that's 208 words per hour! Most teenagers who are computer savvy type that in 5 minutes.

Now, most may be wondering 'so what? Why post it here?'.

I'm posting about it here because it is amazing. People; men, women, boys, girls, people who are nine through ninety are writing this! They are attempting to make personal history for themselves so that they can say 'hey! I wrote a novel!', and know that they have something to show for 30 days of hard, hard work. Even if you don't have a computer! Or hate writing with a pen and paper! They have laptop loaners! How cool is that?!

Still wondering why I'm writing about it?

Because it's a great tool to use in the classroom. It's a great creative release to use at home. And it's a fabulous time waster when you're supposed to be doing something completely different! It has forums to post to, a back story to read, a podcast to listen to (yes, I'm posting that here for Bud because I know about his love for podcasts), and resources for teachers so that they can bring NaNo to their classroom.

What I think would be cool? Bringing it to the classroom, then into blogs. The students could blog their novel! That's what I did last year, and will be doing this year, too.

Celebrate creativity; take a look!


020. I Live!

Yeah, I haven't exactly been keeping up with the blog-o-sphere, if anyone had noticed. ;)
I'm still around, just haven't had much to talk about in the matters of blogging. I did make a roadtrip or two, one taken to Oklahoma, another to Canada, and the final one was to Missouri.
Definitely an experience, since I navigated to Missouri. I had never been to Oklahoma, so that was another experience. And upon arriving in Canada, I found out I had contracted broncitis.
June was definitely a crazy month. I, unfortunately, didn't get to take many pictures since my digital camera has mysteriously disappeared. Anywho! I'll hopefully be finding something to write about soon and to indulge you all in, but for now, I hope everyone's having a fantastic summer!

Oh! Idea! Maybe I'll post my book list ;) There's an idea.. We'll have to see, right?


019. Meme's.

Well, the other day, Bud posted a meme in his main blog. He wanted to pass it on to the students, so I decided to do it. This should be fun ;)

First 5 Songs in Shuffle of Entire Music Library
1. Leaving Town - Dexter Freebish
2. Ashes - Pain of Salvation
3. Bed of Roses - Mindless Self Indulgence
4. Are There Angels? - Project 12:01
5. Beloved - VnV Nation

* Current Book You are Reading (or lightly leafing through)
I, like Bud, have a reading list I hope to tackle over the summer. But, I've been procrastinating, and have not yet bothered to write it. Once I do, though, I'd like to post it here. (If anyone has any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you)

* Last Movie Seen in a Theater and Where
Hm. I think the last movie I went to see was Beauty Shop at the Twin Peaks Mall, and before that it was Hitch (at the same place).

*Five People To Whom You’ll Pass This
The rest of the blogging class ;)


018. So indecisive.

After reading Bud's comment to my last post, I feel suddenly re-inspired to continue blogging over my summer holidays. As it is, I'll be going to Missouri in June, and Florida in July which will definitely prove to be learning experiences on a personal level, and hopefully other levels as well. I want to keep a track of it, and hopefully this can be the place for me to do it. Actually, I'm hoping for this to become a place that I can do many things.

>> Helping Bud with his plans for a future class at our school; Journalism.
>> Possibilities for the class, both on and offline.
>> This is a good spot for ideas on it, since Bud can not just read it but comment on it, too. (Beware of possible ramblings!)

>> I want to start a blogging habit. I have a journaling one already, and that's updating three times a week (doesn't always happen, but I aim for it), so I'd like to include Blogging in that habit.
>> Not sure what kind of habit, but I know it takes 21 days to create one, so here's hoping.

>> I love photography, actually I'm taking a photography class at school next year, and I'd like somewhere to show off anything I do.
>> I'm either going to do that with this blog, or make a blog off this username, since there's ElletheStudent, and EllesPortfolio, so maybe EllesPhotos or something along those lines will appear. Who knows. I might just make a blog dedicated to school oritened material and leave this one open as a blog about blogging ;)

It's still all up in the air, though. I definitely want to continue blogging though, even if only for the Journalism class :)